First blog post: Hello and Welcome! :-)

Hello and welcome to our first blog post as Families Who Hike. We are a family that loves  the outdoors, loves to hike and spend time in nature. We hope to connect with other families that hike, building a community of family hikers and share our adventures and photos that we take.  Right now, we're... Continue Reading →

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Carolina Thread Trail: Twelve Mile Creek Greenway-Waxhaw Segment

Another quick trip into the woods to check out a new trail we heard about and wanted to share. We're huge fans of the trails along the Carolina Thread trail. If you're not familiar with these trails, their website has TONS of information and we 've written a couple of blog posts about them as well. Check them out here.... Continue Reading →

Kids in Parks Track Trail at Cane Creek Park

Fall weather is quickly creeping in here in North Carolina, especially in the mornings and evenings. Those huge spiders are all over the place with those super imposing webs, people are starting to decorate their homes in fall colors and a few for Halloween already. Kids are in school as well as participating in afterschool... Continue Reading →

You Thought You Knew: Pilot Mountain State Park

We have always wanted to go to Pilot Mountain. It’s definitely on our list of To-Do’s. Until then, we enjoyed reading this post about it 🙂

North Carolina State Parks

By: Katie Hall, Public Information Officer, N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation

How many people would you guess have marveled at Pilot Mountain from the highway or passed the signs for Pilot Mountain State Park without stopping? I’ve done it more times than I’d care to admit. Do we think because we’ve SEEN it that we’ve seen it?

For me, Pilot Mountain peeking over the horizon was a familiar sight.  I’d seen it countless times traveling to and from other places in the beautiful mountains of Virginia and West Virginia. Time after time, it rose from the Piedmont on my way to somewhere else, and again on the way back. I always seemed to be in too much of a hurry to stop.

Each time I passed it, I kicked myself as I recalled all the times I never stopped. That losing streak came to an end this year, and…

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