First blog post: Hello and Welcome! :-)

Hello and welcome to our first blog post as Families Who Hike. We are a family that loves  the outdoors, loves to hike and spend time in nature. We hope to connect with other families that hike, building a community of family hikers and share our adventures and photos that we take.  Right now, we're... Continue Reading →

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Hi! We’re still here!

Hello, We just wanted to pop in and say hello. We know we haven't posted in a looooooong time but we've had some unfortunate events happen that have prevented us from getting out and exploring. Back in the fall, our youngest, Will experienced a very serious reaction to a medication that he started taking. He... Continue Reading →

Kids in Parks Track Trail at Cane Creek Park

Fall weather is quickly creeping in here in North Carolina, especially in the mornings and evenings. Those huge spiders are all over the place with those super imposing webs, people are starting to decorate their homes in fall colors and a few for Halloween already. Kids are in school as well as participating in afterschool... Continue Reading →

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