Trail Tuesday: Dogwood Park in Wesley Chapel, NC

It’s Trail Tuesday y’all! Every Tuesday we’ll be sharing a recent nature trail or hiking trail that we’ve been on. We’ll share what we liked, what we saw, where we were and anything else that we think the readers might like about the location.

The first trail is Dogwood Park. We love Dogwood Park! We’re there probably once or twice a week. The park is located in Wesley Chapel, NC and is a very short drive for us. We bring Layla there all the time to walk around the pond. It’s a fairly new park to the area and doesn’t have a playground. It does have a free lending library. The lending library is a definite favorite of ours. There are three sections: teens, kids and adults. If you see a book you like, take the book. If you end up loving the book you can keep it but you must bring a book from your own collection to replace it. If you don’t want the book, just bring it back. We’ve found tons of books to borrow and we’ve kept a few and donated lots and we always check it before we leave.

The park is hardly ever crowded. People mostly walk, bike and run the loop around the pond, bring their dogs to the dog park, fish and the recent completion of the nature trail allows a quick walk in the woods which is a total bonus. We’ve recently started running and the run around the trail is amazing! Along the trail are signs that educate you about the trees and plants that grow. At one point, there was a geocache that the boys found. Geo caching is fun and a great activity to try if you haven’t yet. There’s a few apps out there that can guide you to them but some of the instructions are unclear.

maple tree at dogwood park
maple tree

Dogwood Park isn’t a park where you’d spend all day but you certainly won’t waste your time.  The hiking trail through the woods is a good walk through the woods and the distance is close to a mile. At one point, there was a marker on the paved loop that goes around the pond that measured 3 laps around to equal a mile. So if you’re a runner or walker and need to get in a quick run, this is definitely a place to do it. It’s a great park to put up the hammock and bring a picnic lunch as well.

trail walking at Dogwood Park in Wesley Chapel NC
The boys writing in their trail notebooks and Layla waiting

This past trip, the boys brought their trail notebooks with them and decided to take some notes and make drawings of the trees and leaves that they were seeing. We noticed maple trees and leaves, dogwood trees and the most important was the poison ivy and poison oak plaque. Will, unfortunately, got poison sumac the last time we trail walked so he definitely took a lot of notes and made some drawings. He also suffers from eczema so keeping him from scratching was a chore but thankfully it didn’t get too bad.

We spent some time near the stream that runs through the trail in the woods. Layla needed to stop for water and she loves to splash in the stream. She chases dragon flies for some reason but never catches them. We circled around the pond and stopped by the library, found nothing we were interested in so we called it a day.

tree trunk at Dogwood Park in Wesley Chapel, NC
Took a photo of this tree trunk since the boys said it looked odd

Dogwood is a great spot for trail running, walking and taking your dog for some extra social time. The people there are always friendly and we’re glad to have this addition to our area. Thanks for reading. Get out there and explore some trails and if you’d like send us an email if you’d like to be featured on the blog. We’re planning some exciting things so we’ll be sharing those soon!

-Families who Hike

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