Trail Tuesday: Fountain Rock Park on Four Mile Creek Greenway

moth purple flower matthews, nc
up close with a moth on a flower

Summer boredom is really hitting the kids early this year. We have about a month left before school starts and I’m already hearing “I’m bored” at 10 am. The last few weeks have been very hot and the air quality has been brutal. Both boys have asthma so on those days we usually stay inside and we break the “2 hr screen time” rule and just let them hang out. I tried to be all super duper Pinterest plan-y this summer with themes for each day. That lasted like a week. We have managed to get to the library and read more though so there’s a win.

This nature hike was a spur of the moment thing just to get them out of the house since they were bored again. We went to find the Fountain Rock park which is on the Four Mile Creek Greenway  We have walked the nature trail on the greenway before that starts at Squirrel Lake park but we always turn around before we actually reach the Fountain Rock. The walk to Fountain Rock from Squirrel Lake is fairly long. To get there from the town of Matthews, we parked behind Matthews Playhouse and it’s a short walk through the woods to get to the paved trail.

Since this was a last minute decision, I failed to look at the weather. Shortly after we arrived, I heard thunder in the distance but didn’t think it would actually storm so we kept walking. The gravel trail goes behind an apartment building near a stream. As we were walking, a deer jumped out across the path and into the woods. I guess it was laying down in the shade and got scared by all of our noise.


The short walk to the fountain probably only took us 5 minutes. The fountain wasn’t on so it just looked like a bunch of rocks in the middle of a circle :-/. This part of the park is small and I wouldn’t really call it a park, more of a rest spot or quiet place to read. Although, unless I lived in one of the houses along the Four Mile Creek Greenway that’s one heck of a walk just to read in a quiet place. We sat for a minute but the thunder was getting closer. As we decided to leave, the boys wanted to have a race back to the gravel path. Along the way, we saw the deer again. This time there were two, they didn’t seem to be bothered by our presence and kept walking parallel to us in the woods. We watched them for a while and then they walked off out of sight.


Spur of the moment trips are becoming more and more common in this house. If you’re a parent, you know that kids are constantly moving, especially boys so we have to constantly come up with something to battle the boredom. Now that the school year is approaching, I’ll probably do more impromptu trips just to cram more stuff into their last days of summer. Where do you all go? Are your kids bored already?


Families who Hike

bikes and scooters at Four Mile Creek Greenway in Matthews, NC
A little friendly competition between brothers



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