Trail Tuesday: Schiele Museum Nature Trail


When you find out that a museum has free days, you go! Every now and then the Schiele Museum outside of Charlotte, NC has free days. We took advantage of one of these days to venture out to the museum to see what it was all about. Confession: we’re from the DC area so we’re sorta biased by all of the museums on the National Mall. We grew up going to those museums and also paying nothing to go there. Paying for museums is still something that we still look at sideways. The Schiele Museum didn’t disappoint. We spent some time walking around the inside, looking at bugs and dinosaur bones but were itching to get outside because, we’re outside people.


Outside there is a working farm that we had the kids learn all about and behind the farm is the nature trail. The first thing you go to once you get on the trail is the Magnolia Garden. This area was set aside as a memorial for some of the founding ladies of the Magnolia Garden club. The area is quiet and shady with a couple of benches. We took some time to read the informational kiosk and walked down towards the mining area. A stream runs through and down near the Gem mine. It wasn’t operational this particular day but we went down to the water, looked around and kept going.

Schiele Museum
Bridge near the Gem Mine

Up the hill they have a Catawba Indian village. At this village are huts and examples of what life would be like if we were living during that time in the village. There was a really good presentation of what life was like, what they used for hunting, how they made clothes, used tools to make their foods. We toured the various houses and living areas they had set up before moving on. Across the trail were several rocks similar to Stonehenge. One set of stones showed how they measured the sun to tell direction and time, another was arranged in a circle around a fire. The kids spent some time going in and out of these various structures. They were really imagining what it would have been like to live without phones and watches and to have to cook all of your food on a fire. Ever since Minecraft came out they like to pretend they’re in a village doing “villager stuff.”

three benches at Schiele Museum
benches by the pond

Further down the trail there’s a pond and a few benches. There’s a kids play area but the boys are a little old for it so we moved on. The water was low so I decided to take some photos near the bridge and around the stream. Shortly after, a storm came so we had to go. Even though we’re a family that likes challenging hikes, we always take the time to find and visit new places and have new adventures. You never know what you’ll learn or see. If there’s a trail, we’ll find it and hike or walk it.

bridge leading to the pond


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