Top 3 Hiking and Outdoor Blog Posts/Articles Read This Week 9/1.

We’re always looking for new ideas, places to go, tips to try and ways to make our hikes more exciting, educational, fun etc. This involves reading and researching a lot!  Today we want to share with you a few articles that we read and found interesting. Take some time and check them out for yourself!

Happy Friday!


Hiking with Kids by American Hiking Society

If you’re a hiker with young children, you don’t have to put your hobby on hold until they head for college. And if you’re a parent who is new to hiking, there couldn’t be a better time to start! Spending time on the trail offers a world of opportunity for family outings and vacations. Not only will your family grow closer, but you can introduce the next generation to all that trails offer for personal growth and education while making life-long family memories.

Source: Hiking with kids

Top 5 Most Amazing Hiking Trails in North America

You’re tired of planning another beach getaway, then heed your adventurous spirit by planning the most amazing hiking trail. North America has everything you need, from jagged cliffs to snow capped peaks, verdant forests and towering volcanoes. They’re all calling your name and there’s no better way to spend your holidays than grabbing your boots and hitting some of the most amazing hiking trails.Five trails. Five unmatched miles each. We’re bringing you top five most amazing hiking trails across North America.

Source: Top 5 Most Amazing Hiking Trails in North America

The Seven Things You Need to Camp and Hike in the Rain

Years ago, a friend and I showed up at a ranger station in Glacier National Park on a crowded day in mid-August, hoping to score a last-minute backcountry permit. We got lucky enough to nab three spots at alpine lakes along the Belly River Trail for what should have been an amazing few days. The first two were incredible, with perfect weather. On day three, though, the clouds rolled in. 


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