Carolina Thread Trail: Twelve Mile Creek Greenway-Waxhaw Segment

Another quick trip into the woods to check out a new trail we heard about and wanted to share. We’re huge fans of the trails along the Carolina Thread trail. If you’re not familiar with these trails, their website has TONS of information and we ‘ve written a couple of blog posts about them as well. Check them out here. Recently, we learned that a new trail opened up and wanted to check it out. This particular trail was the Twelve Mile Creek Greenway which is a new part of the trail that connects with other neighborhoods in the area  is in a neighborhood, Millbridge Parking on the trail is located at H.C  Nesbit Park near the baseball fields. To get to the entrance to the trail you have to park past the baseball fields towards a kiosk near the woods. Walking down the paved path you’ll reach the Millbridge neighborhood. Cross the street and see the Carolina Thread Trail post and emblem. The trail goes down a hill and through a deep part of the woods and you feel as though you’re circling through the mountains a little.


After walking a short distance through the trail you reach a swinging bridge. One of the most unique parts of this trail is the location of the swinging bridge. This bridge is located in both North and South Carolina at the same time. While walking on the bridge, signs for both states are on each side. Entering in from the Waxhaw side, you’ll see a black bench with the Carolina Thread Trail logo and Waxhaw on the seat. As you walk onto the swinging bridge, North Carolina sign will be on your right side and a few steps up, on your left you’ll see the sign for South Carolina. Holding both hands out, trying to steady the motion of the bridge, you’re in two states at one time. On the other side of the bridge is Lancaster County, South Carolina and a silver bench is placed directly across from the Waxhaw bench.  The trail then continues on into the woods on the Lancaster side.

Once on the other side, we took pictures of the other bench and walked around near the water. The boys went back and forth across the bridge a few times. We chose not to continue due to the time of day. We didn’t want to be to far away from the car close to dark. For a short hike into the woods and see some great scenery this one was a winner. Since we didn’t walk the whole thing we can’t speak to the rest of the trail but we look forward to exploring more of this one in the future.



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