Hello and welcome to our blog. We’re a family of 4 living in North Carolina that loves to hike, trail walk and explore new areas. We welcome you to read about our trips and follow along as we venture outside, have fun and learn along the way. It is our hope to build a community and inspire other families to enjoy the outdoors together and create long-lasting memories that can be shared through generations. If you’re a family that hikes and enjoys the outdoors, send us your story and/or share your adventures and we’ll post them here on the blog! Each of us will now introduce ourselves. Thanks for reading and we hope to connect with you and share your stories too!

Hi, I’m Juanita (mom). Growing up in the country of Virginia, I played outside a lot and enjoyed romping around my family’s property. Now that I have boys, I want them to experience some of the same things I did when I was a kid as well as experience new adventures right along side them. Here on the blog I’ll be the photographer as well as sharing recipes and health tips and anything else that comes to mind. You can also check out some of my photography work on my Instagram: outside_with_j

What’s up, I’m Shaka (Dad). My experience with the outdoors began with my curiosity with nature. I am grew up in suburban Virginia where there was access to park trails and short jogging paths, but nothing very remote. I was a Boy Scout and began enjoying hiking and camping at a young age. I am an ICU nurse and my background keeps me focused on the safety and security of our hikes. Our son’s have asthma and allergies that would otherwise limit their ability to participate in long treks. My priorities are equipment, nutrition, hydration, first aid and security.

Hi, I’m CJ and I’m 11. I love building things in Minecraft and with Legos. I hope to be an engineer one day and build houses for people that can’t afford them. I will be sharing things that I learn when I’m with my family outside and on trips such as different plants and trees, weather patterns and other things that I find interesting.

Hello I’m Will and I’m 9. I like spending time with my family outside, building in Minecraft, playing Wii and also collecting rocks and leaves. I love to look at bugs, especially beetles. I will be sharing fun things that I see when I’m hiking with my family.

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